Friday, July 11, 2008

A Few Introductory Words

I've created this blog site as a tool to help me manage and distribute the many family histories with which I have been blessed to come in contact. Very little of the histories published here are the result of my own work, but are the result of valiant efforts by many of my ancestors and other relatives. I devote this blog to them, and, of course, to the good people who's histories these are.

My intent is to include with each blog entry a little graphic to outline my personal relationship with the subject. Where photographs are available, I intend to include them. Many of the histories that I have are in hard-copy, and I have not yet had the opportunity to digitize their contents, so they will reside in this blog as photographs until such time as I can type or otherwise convert them to text (or until some kind soul does it for me!).

I do intend to focus primarily on personal histories, but will also include any other form of documentation that comes my way, including obituaries, marriage licenses, etc.

Readers who wish to contribute to this blog by offering content or by copying the text from the photographed pages may email me directly with any content. Please do not spam me! Email to gladdenfamilyhistories a t (yes, it's "gladden" in the email address). And thank you for visiting this site.

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