Friday, July 11, 2008

Jacob and Elizabeth Emma Michaelson Photographs

In doing the previous post, I did an internet search to find a photograph of Elizabeth Emma Barker. In doing so, I stumbled upon the images included herein. This first image is of Jacob Michaelson (1839-1928) and Elizabeth Emma Barker (1853-1928), and has been called their "wedding" picture. I do not know if it was actually taken on their wedding day in 1870.

This second picture is of them with 11 of their children. I do not have any names for the faces in this picture, but one thing I do note is that there are only two boys among these people, which is consistent with what is known about the family. Daniel is the older boy and Joseph is the younger boy. The three younger girls must then be Dora, Bertha, Sarah, and Sarah, and Lydia (the youngest) isn't present for unknown reasons.

This third picture is of Jacob and Elizabeth Emma in front of their home in Afton, Wyoming.

This last picture is a very nice portrait of Jacob and Elizabeth.


gramathome said...

I was just surfing and came across your blog about the Michaelson's. Great history, I haven't read this one before. My husband is a descendant of Jacob and Elizabeth through their daughter Mary Ann. I have a copy of the family group photo you have on your blog. The names are;

Front row: Lydia and Sarah. 2nd row: Emma, Elizabeth, Jacob and Mary Ann. 3rd row: Bertha and Joseph. Back row: Elizabeth, Mercy, Martha, Eliza and Daniel.

The photo is roughly dated about 1898, that is why Zina and Dora where not in it, they had already passed away.

Justin said...

I am a Great Grandson of Mercy, and wow, it gives me goosebumps to see this picture

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